Raw Goat Milk

2018 Herd Share Memberships are available as of April 7, 2018!

Fees: (C.R.S.A. § 25-5.5-117 - allows purchase of raw milk through documented cow/goat share but prohibits any other kind of sale of raw milk) Because selling raw milk in Colorado is illegal, we never sell milk. You own a share of a goat. You purchase this share into the Russell Sprouts LLC goat herd for $20. It is a onetime cost. You also pay a weekly “boarding fee” of $5 to board your portion of a goat and for Russell Sprouts LLC to provide milking service for you. This entitles you to one ½ gallon of milk per week to be picked up at our farm.   

Jar deposit: There is a $5 jar deposit, per jar.  We ask that you bring back your empty, rinsed-out glass jar every week and we will sanitize it for you and give you a new jar filled with fresh milk!

Our address: Russell Sprouts LLC 3109 1900 Rd  Delta, CO 81416

  • By Appointment:
  • Tuesdays 5:00pm – 7:00pm  
  • Saturday 10:00am-1:00pm 


How should I handle the milk supplied to me? 

The milk supplied will be raw. It is not heat-treated or pasteurized. It will be chilled and should be kept at 35 degrees. It should not be left out for long periods of time. This will help ensure freshness and a longer shelf life. 

How is the milk handled/stored?

We love our goats, drink their milk, and eat the products we make from it. We make the extra

effort for as healthy and clean acquisition as possible. All equipment is washed and sterilized 

before and after milking. Each goat is hand milked once a day. We thoroughly wash the udder 

and teats before milking. After milking each goat, the milk is strained into glass jars with plastic lids and chilled. There is an initial $5 deposit for the jars. You give them a general cleaning before returning them each week for sterilization and reuse.

What is my goat fed?

Our goats are fed a locally grown hay. We also feed them alfalfa pellets and a sweet mix. We do not feed our goats hormones of any kind. Antibiotics are given as a last resort only- never as a preventative measure. The goats are given vaccinations twice a year. 

How many shares can I purchase?

We begin milking once a day in the spring when the doe’s kids are 4 weeks old and end milking before re-introducing the does to the herd sire again in the fall. We have shares available during this time of the year, and the number of shares is limited to the amount of milk our does are producing. The $20 share and $5 per week boarding fee entitles you to one ½ gallon of raw milk each week. You can order as few as a half share, or as many as are available. For share availability, email us at contactrussellsproutsllc@gmail.com.

Get Started

Email us at contactrussellsproutsllc@gmail.com or call Andrew (972)757-3797 to make inquiries or to purchase herd share memberships. We accept cash or checks (checks must be written for 3 or more months prepayment, payable to Russell Sprouts LLC).